The Wizard of Oz May 2019!






Main Character & Performance Team rehearsal

Sunday 28th April at Trestle Arts Base 10 am to 1 pm


Sat 11th May ACT 1 Dress Rehearsal Harpenden Public Halls. IN COSTUME


10-11 am


Dorothy Solo Daisy & Anna

On the Farm.  Dorothy, Toto, Auntie Em & Uncle Henry

Toto’s Friends All Saints Wed 3.40 pm & Sat Trestle 10.50 am Primary Ballet classes plus Toto & helpers

Barn Dance .Mon 4.40 pm Trestle & Thurs 4.55 pm Trust Centre Junior Acro Classes plus helpers, Aunty Em & Uncle Henry

Farm Children Monday 4.30 pm Trestle Junior Contemporary Class plus helper

Bunnies Trestle Tues 4 pm Pre Primary Ballet class plus helper

Chicks Nursery Ballet  Nursery Ballerina Mon 1.30 pm Trestle class, Wed 9.30 am Maltings Class plus helpers

Dorothy’s Friends Thurs Trestle 4 pm Primary Ballet

Flowers Thurs Trestle 6.20 pm G2 Ballet & Thurs Lourdes Hall 4.10 pm G2 Ballet Classes


11am-12 noon


Bluebirds  Mon 10.30 am Public Halls, Thursday 3.40 pm Lourdes Hall and Sat 9.10 am Trestle Nursery Classes and helpers

Rainbow Mon 4.20 pm St Johns & Sat Trestle 10.10 am Primary classes plus helpers

Storm/ Tornado  Mon Trestle 6 pm & Thurs 6.15 pm Trust Centre Senior Acro classes with Dorothy

The Dawn Tues YMCA Inter Ballet

Munchkins  Wed Trestle 5.10 pm & and Wed All Saints 5.40 pm Grade 1 Tap classes

Glinda Solo Sarah & Anna

Glinda’s Friends  Mon St Johns & Tues YMCA Pointe Classes  



12-1 pm


Glinda’s Fairies Mon St Johns 3.50 pm, Tues Trust Centre 3.50 pm, Wed 4.10 pm Trestle & Sat 9.40 am Trestle Pre Primary Ballet Classes plus Glinda & helpers

Glindas Ballet Show Junior Performance Team Ballet Piece

Wicked Witch Alicia, Seren, Anna & Sarah 

Witches Cats  Tues 4.30 pm Trestle Primary Ballet class plus helpers

Love Hearts  Trust Centre Mon 4.10 pm and Thurs Trestle 4.30 pm Junior Jazz classes

Jellytots Mon 2 pm Trestle Tiny Tap, Mon 11 am Trestle Nursery Ballet & Wed 3.40 pm Nursery Ballet classes and helpers

Bonbons Maltings Friday 11am and 11.30 am Nursery Ballerina classes

Mayor & Mayoress of Munchkin Land Beks, Helena & Ines



1-2.30 pm


Lollipops Ella, Charlotte, Georgia, Lottie, Emma, Mabel, Megan & Zoe

Lullaby Carys, Lily, Sienna & Ella 

ellow Brick Rd Wed Trestle 4.40 pm & Wed All Saints 4.20 pm Primary Tap classes and helpers

Blackbirds Tues 6.20 pm Grade 5 Ballet

Scarecrow Solo  Grace & Anna                                                                          

Mini Scarecrows  Mon Trestle 4 pm & Thurs Trust Centre 4.15 pm Mini Acro classes plus helpers

Tin Man Solo  Isaac & Bea                                                                                

Tin Man’s Friends Mon Trust Centre 4.40 pm & Wed Trestle 5.40 pm Grade 2 Tap Classes

Lion Solo Jo & Niamh

Mini Lions Wed 4 pm Trestle Mini Acro and helpers                                            

Main Character group dance Dorothy, Tin Man, Toto, Scarecrow & Lion



3.30- 5.30 pm All pupils involved in Act 1 ( except Chicks, Jellytots, Glinda’s Fairies, Bluebirds, Bonbons) are then required for a complete run through. We will run the finale first and then run the first act continuously

NB Pupils may leave as soon as they have performed their dance           




Dress Rehearsal for Act 2 Sun 12th May Harpenden Public Halls IN COSTUME

10-11 am


Enchanted Forest  Thurs 5.30 pm Lourdes Hall G 5 Modern & Thurs 7.40 pm Trestle G6  Modern Classes

The Forest Stream Trestle Sat 12.10 pm Grade 1 Ballet

Forest Leaves  Thurs Trestle 5 pm Grade 1 Ballet class ( Miss Lianne )

Black Magic Sat Trestle 1.30 pm G4 Mod & Thurs 4.50 pm Lourdes Hall G4 Modern classes

Crystal Ball Mon St Johns 6.20 pm Grade 6 Modern & Thurs Trestle 5.40 pm G5 Modern Classes

Poppy Ballet Mon 5.40 pm St Johns & Sat 12.50 pm Trestle G2 Ballet classes

Glinda’s Magic Sarah & Anna

Winter St Johns Mon 5 pm G1 Ballet class and Sat Trestle 11.30 am Grade 1 Ballet class


11am-12 noon


Makeover Dance Tues Trestle 5.40 pm G5 Tap & Wed 7 pm All Saints G5 Tap classes

Emerald Guards   Mon Trust Centre 6 pm & Wed Trestle 7 pm G 3 tap classes

Empress of Oz  Alex

Emerald Ballet Alex, Mon 7 pm Trestle & Thurs Lourdes Hall 6.30 pm Grade 5 Ballet classes

Masquerade Ball  Tues Trestle 6.20 pm & Mon St Johns 7 pm G6 Ballet classes

Jewels  Trestle Sat 2.10 pm Grade 4 Ballet class

Waitresses  Trestle Tues 5.40 pm Grade 3 Ballet class

The Circus of Oz Mon 5.20 pm Pre Senior Acro classes




Keepers of Oz   Tues YMCA Inter Modern

Princesses  Adelina, Alex, Molly, Orla & Lola

Mini Wizards  All Saints Wed 5 pm and Hayley’s Thurs Trestle 5 pm G1 Ballet class

The Wizard of Oz Jess & Eleanor

Spiders Tues 5.20 pm Trust Centre Contemporary & Thurs Trestle 4.20 pm Silver Jazz classes

Candles Tuesday 7.20 pm Trestle Inter Pointe class                                               

Birds of the Castle Adult Ballet

Witches Mon 7.20 pm Trust Centre & Wed Trestle 6.20 pm Grade 4 Tap classes plus witch

Witches Cat solo Ollie


1.00-2.30 pm

Flying Monkeys  Mon Trestle 5.15 pm & Tues 6.20 pm Trust Centre Senior Contemporary Classes

Spirits of the castle Mon 6 pm Trestle Contemporary Class

Shadows Wed 4.40 pm Trestle Junior Acro class

Fire Mon 6.40 pm Trust Centre & Thurs 5.40 pm Trestle Bronze Jazz classes

Kill the Witch  Main characters

Tin Man Jazz Tues 7.50 pm Trestle Advanced Jazz

Lion Jazz Thurs 7 pm Trestle Advanced Jazz

Scarecrow Jazz  Thurs Trestle 6.20 pm Gold Jazz

Celebration Dance. Trestle Tues 7.50 pm & Wed All Saints 7.40 pm G6 Tap classes

Ruby Slippers Ballet Tues Trust Centre 4.20 pm & Thurs Trestle 7 pm Grade 4 Ballet classes

Hot Air Balloons Wed Trestle 6.20 pm & Thurs Trust Centre 5.35 pm Grade 3 Ballet classes

Dreaming of Home Wed Trestle 5.20 pm G 4 Ballet & Wed All Saints 6.20 pm G3 Ballet classes

Farewell to Oz Main characters

Back to Kansas Main characters



3.30-5.30 pm All cast involved in Act 2 are required for a complete run through. We will do the Finale first and then run straight through. NB PUPILS MAY GO AS SOON AS THEY HAVE FINISHED THEIR DANCE



Wed 15th May Dress Rehearsal in costume for All students who are performing in the Sat 18th May Shows


4.30 pm – 6.30 pm All pupils involved in Act 1 ( Except Bluebirds, chicks, Jellytots, Bonbons, Bunnies & Glinda’s Fairies )

6.30 pm – 8.30 pm All pupils involved in Act 2


Thursday 16th May Rehearsal in costume for all pupils who are performing in the Sun 19th May Shows


4.30 pm -6.30 pm All Pupils involved in Act One ( except Glinda’s Fairies )

6.30 pm -8.30 pm All Pupils involved in Act 2


Please take young children home as soon as they have finished their dance. There is no need for them to stay for the finale unless you want them to. I leave it up to you the parents to see how it goes.


NB on rehearsal and show days there are no regular AFTERSCHOOL OR SATURDAY Dance classes in ANY venue as everyone is busy working on the show!

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